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Welcome to Wall Street Equity Research Group. We are an independent stock market research firm that helps both the professional and individual investor. We offer a diversified suite of services that meets client needs. Whether one is a short term trader or a long-term value investor, we are prepared to help you reach your money making goals. Since we are an independent research firm, we do not engage in investment banking deals with the companies that we analyze. Our research is truly unbiased.

Our ideas range from passive to aggressive, from longs to shorts. Our aim is to pinpoint attractive investment opportunities and alert our clients in a timely fashion. In fact, research is only a small portion of a successful investment strategy. Whenever a position is established, a life cycle begins. Finding the right idea is only part of the process. Managing the trade by adding to the position, using stops, and staying abreast of circumstances all plays a role in successful investing, yet the most important part is exiting a position in a timely manner.

We try to beat Wall Street to the punch. We do not want to be so late that we are left holding a position for half a year before it begins to move. On that note, we employ a series of fundamental and technical analyses that are not text-book Wall Street.
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